Saturday, January 19, 2008

Network Security - Little Known Threats

Little Known Network Security Threats There are a number of common network security threats that can damage your network. Some prime examples include remote login capability, SMTP hijacking and backdoor entry to a computer network. There are however dozens of other ways someone can inadvertedly access your network and steal or damage your data. Here are just a few network security threats you should be aware of, whether you operate a private or corporate network. DNS â€" DNS or denial of service involves a major attack on Websites. Usually this threat is reserved for large computer networks. When a denial of service attack occurs there is often little a company can do immediately to recover from the attack. When this happens a hacker connects to the server multiple times purposefully even though the hacker is denied access. Over time these repeated requests cause the system to slow and crash. Macros â€" This is an application that allows someone to create a script of commands that can run on your network. These macros are capable of crashing computers and destroying data. Virus â€" A computer virus is one of the most common threats any private or corporate network user faces. Fortunately viruses can usually be prevented using modern anti-viral software. OS bugs â€" Operating system bugs occur when backdoors are accessed to operating systems. Usually a backdoor is left open to attacks when inadequate network security systems are in place. Fortunately adequate network security including use of firewalls can help limit ones exposure to this security threat. Article by Frank Owen, visit his web site on network security for more information on network security

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