Saturday, January 19, 2008

Key Logger - The Invisible Key Logger, Save Yourself From Online Scams

In order to be able to tell if you have key logger spyware on your computer, you need to know what it is and understand how it works. This spyware is an invisible software program that is used by identity thieves to track your activity online. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to know if you have this software on your computer and it does not matter how careful you are, you will never be able to tell if your information personal information is being recorded. This is scary since those who use key logger spyware are usually after your bank account passwords and credit card numbers. The word Key Logger is also called KeyLogging . The Keystroke logging is used to track user s key stroke during software development. The typical use of this tool is to increase efficiency of employee in data entry or word processing related work. The tool is also used in software development and for monitoring activities on computers under surveillance or used by government agencies monitoring criminals or parties interested in decoding passwords for computer networks. The recording of key strokes on keyboard can be done either by software or hardware. The hardware attachment comes portable which can be attached to keyboard for recording. There are some keyboards, which has it already built-in. On software side key logging can be written as software program and then downloaded on computer or computer network, this program secretly records user s keystroke and then sends to source. This process of recording can expose the person or machine on which key logging data is being sent. This process exposes e-mail address or IP address of machine of receiver. One third of all online scams are caused by the spyware. Unfortunately though, if you take a moment to type key logger into any of the major Search Engines you will discover that there are a lot of ways in, which you can legally purchase and install this type of spyware. This is because a lot of businesses use this software to monitor their employees activity. Parents also use key logger software in order to find out what web sites their children have been visiting. While this use of software is completely legitimate, in the hands of a hacker who wants to steal financial information from people, and this software is extremely dangerous. Some of the ways in which you can protect yourself against them is to never open spam email, never open email attachments from people that you do not know, not clicking on pop up windows without reading them first, using a firewall and running a full system anti-virus computer scan each week. Unfortunately a lot of people are not listening to this advice and thus the number of key logger crimes is on the rise. Key Logger Facts Do not access Bank account or Credit Card information on public computers. Do not open email attachment received from unknown source. Always scan attachments. Do not click on popup windows, close then through Windows task bar. Keep firewall in place, this will not only safe gard your computer, it also restricts other virus from attacking your PC. Download or purchase an anti-virus software for yorr computer. If possible change you password in regular intervals. Don t do this on public computer.

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