Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Dos And Don ts Of Online Banking

The Dos And Don ts Of Online Banking One of the biggest additions to the banking world in recent memory has been the advent of online banking. It has made banking so much more convenient for consumers. Likewise, it has also helped banks in lowering their costs considerably. With that said though, there are some dos and dont s that you need to be aware of when opening up an online bank account. Do s Is the online bank you re considering doing business with FDIC insured? This is important, because if they are not, move on to a bank that is. FDIC insures that all savings accounts, checking accounts, and CD deposits are covered up to $100,000. Be certain that the Internet banks website that you re on is the real website. As hard as it can be to imagine, online criminals have made up websites that nearly identical to the banks actual website in hopes of conning you into getting your personal information. Always look over all your bank statements, credit card statements, etc., and check to make sure everything looks right. If you do find something that is questionable, talk to your bank immediately. Make sure you keep your password and account login information in a safe and secure place. Never share this information with anyone, especially through an email. When you come up with passwords, never use birthdates or social security numbers. Do keep your anti-virus protection software up to date on your computer. It s also a good idea to back-up your files on a regular basis. You really don t want to take chances in this area. Always completely log off your online banking website. Don t simply X out of it. Change any of the auto-generated passwords you are given when you first open up an online bank account. Keep up to date on all the information about your online banks security measures. Ask what kind of protection they offer? Compare it to other Internet banks security systems. Don ts Don t send personal information to anyone in an email. You may think it is secure, but it is not. Don t give out your personal information over the telephone unless you are absolutely certain of who you are dealing with. You also need to know what this person is going to do with your information when you give it to them. Don t have other browsers open at the same time you are doing your Internet banking transactions. Don t open emails from folks you don t do business with. If you ever get an email from your bank asking you for personal information, call the bank first before doing anything else. Ask them about the email and find out what is going on. If it is legitimate, which I doubt it is since banks don t conduct business like that, then you can take care of it right there over the phone. Opening an online bank account is great. I ve had an Internet account for years now, and never had any issues with it. It has become such a convenient way of life now that I would never consider anything else. If you will follow these simple dos and don ts, you ll find the same convenience with online banking as I have. Discover more information on the Do s And Don ts Of Online Banking as well as information on banking, loans and investments at

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