Saturday, January 19, 2008

6 Powerful Features Your Intranet Solution Cannot Do Without

If you are a small or medium-sized business, this is a piece of good news: you can now have access to intranet solutions with high-end features at low cost. Interchangeably referred to as hosted intranet , this type of intranet solution does not require you to invest in software; definitely no big startup cost and no IT expertise necessary, since there is no server to maintain or manage at all! It s totally hassle-free connectivity to an online workspace where you and your employees can collaborate and share important information and data, securely - anywhere, anytime. It further offers training and technical support, which allows you to focus on your core competencies rather than get compromised on the technical needs of your company s intranet - all these at a fraction of the cost of more popular intranet solutions that have built their reputation around large businesses. At last, small and medium-sized businesses have their intranet solutions built around their needs. Now, is this not good news? And here s more Today, small and medium-sized businesses are discovering a Microsoft exchange alternative that has all 6 powerful features of a high-end solution, at a cost as low as $7* per user per month! Now, this is not just good news, this is a bonus! What are these six (6) indispensable features of an effective and highly valuable intranet solution? Check this out: Email Service: Indispensable to an effective company intranet is a customized email capability that is entirely web-based. Ideally, your company email service has to have address book, document management capability, POP/IMAP compatible-functions, and tight-sealed anti-spam and virus protection. Document Management: Your company intranet should promote a secured data sharing and an Online Calendar: This is another feature that your company intranet cannot do without. Sharing calendars with collaborators on various projects eliminates potential problems at the onset, as each one is aware of established goals and tasks within a specified time-table. It also promotes seamless management and control of the business, albeit in virtual settings. Contact Management: Nobody can afford to lose a business contact! Your intranet should maintain an online directory and address book, which can easily be accessed and shared by those given authority by the company. Task Manager: This is an important feature of a company intranet as this enables assignment and delegation of projects, via the Web. Management also becomes effortless as everything can be monitored online, including status, milestones and a rundown of unaccomplished tasks. As most projects are time-bound, the task manager promotes efficient monitor of progress, scale by scale, via the internet. Service and Technical Support: Training and technical support, more so when free, including necessary upgrades are requisites of a good company intranet. Experience and see the difference! With all the information you can lay your hands on, nothing beats actual experience. Intranet solution providers understand this, thus many of them designed programs to enable you to experience the difference a suitable intranet solution can do for your business. Experience increased productivity through effective collaboration on free trial Many suitable and cost efficient intranet providers allow hosted solutions 30 days Free of charge. What guarantees productivity? Nowadays, it is no-nonsense collaboration and communication tool, which allows companies, their employees, vendors and clients maximize the power of convergence - anywhere, anytime - to achieve their desired goals. Mr. Shahab Kaviani is Vice President of at Discover how to increase your productivity through effective collaboration. The most suitable and cost efficient intranet solutions provider invites you to experience the difference through hosted solutions 30 days free trial. Click on the link now.

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