Saturday, January 19, 2008

File Transfer Protocols

File Transfer Protocol is a protocol that is used for exchanging files within a network that supports the transmission control protocol/Internet protocol (TCIP/IP)â€"protocol or protocols used in the Internet and Intranet. In a file transfer, two computers are involved; the first computer is an FTP server, while the second computer is called a client. The FTP server serves as the database and is the one that receives the connection requests from other computers. The clients connect to the server by using an FTP client software program. When the two computers are connected, you can then upload, download, delete, rename, and manipulate files, depending on the need. With the configuration of most computers nowadays, anyone can easily connect to a serverâ€"the software is usually included in the packages available to buyers, and the hardware that is needed to create a working network is also readily available in the market. There are instances when data transfer may not require human intervention. This is accomplished when a program is written by a supplier company that automatically transfers data from his computer to the computers of his partners every time there is movement in his stocks to keep his inventory up to date. However, the use of FTP has its disadvantages, one of which is that passwords and transferred files can be viewed by others, given the insecure method of transferring data through FTP. In response to this, software has been developed to make the transfers more secure. Another disadvantage is that there are instances wherein the server cannot determine whether a transfer has been successfully undertaken because of the limitations in the software. Despite its limitations, FTP has proven to be a cost-efficient way of transferring information, and as new systems are developed to improve this technology, the necessity for FTP will become more vital. File Transfer provides detailed information on File Transfer, File Transfer Protocols, Secure File Transfers, Large File Transfers and more. File Transfer is affiliated with File Sharing Programs .

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