Saturday, January 19, 2008

Best Antivirus Protection - What To Look For In Antivirus Protection

What is the best antivirus protection program to have? That is the question that everyone asks when they buy a new computer or upgrade their internet connection. With broadband becoming more and more popular in recent years, a good antivirus protection program is a must. Threats to your computer are everywhere on the net and without good antivirus protection your privacy may be at risk. When looking for the best antivirus protection there are a few things you should keep in mind. 1. Does the software offer good customer support? 2. Do they keep the software up to date and upgrade it regularly? 3. Do they block spy ware and Trojans? 4. So they have a firewall feature? 5. Is there a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied? Remember to keep all this in mind when searching for the best antivirus protection. In my opinion free antivirus programs aren’t really worth bothering with, as there not kept up to date as frequently as paid services. But at the same time don’t pay a fortune for your service. Sometimes the smaller lesser known companies are a lot cheaper than the bigger antivirus companies and have just as good protection. Finally, you should definitely never be without virus protection especially if your broadband is always connected. With broadband becoming more popular, there are lot more hackers and viruses out there. Always keep your antivirus protection software up to date and scan your computer for viruses reguralry and you shouldn’t have any problems. Lewis Waller is a software reviewer from the UK. To find out which antivirus protection software he recommends Click Here

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